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Here's the download link for this template. Happy blogging peeps :D

This Is A Second Post

I love designing blog templates and layout. I am a total newbie in HTML and all this coding stuff, but I try pretty hard to get better, learning from all the tutorials and website available on the internet. This is not my first template design, however. Hello Marshmellow would have been my 6th template design probably. I tweak my blog templates with the Denim template layout available in blogger. Feel free to use this template if you like it for free. NO CHARGE AT ALL as long as you do not remove the credits to Saphyrea Art and tiqcakap.blogspot.com

Thank You!


This Is A Sample Post

Hello. This post is to demonstrate my new blog template Hello Marshmallow. I am trying pretty hard in the making of this template, many trials and error have been made. Basically the theme of this template is sweet-tasting marshmallows! I tried adapting some pale colours and tried making the template appear tempting and sugary to the sight :) 

This is a blockquote and I love the effects a blockquote can give to your posts! BTW, I am a sweet-toothed person and I absolutely do love marshmallows. 

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